Change is the only constant. Embrace it.

We are a global coaching, training, and consulting hub dedicated to helping you leverage change as a driving force behind your and your organization's growth. We are motivated by a desire to see you win big and do so in a holistic way, through bold strategy, innovation, and compelling communication.

Whether you need help with a business plan, management structures, fund development, communication and marketing strategy, or developing a culture that inspires your people to love to work with you, we are here to help. With a decade of managing our own ventures, investing, advising, and coaching everyone from start-ups and small nonprofits to educational institutions, major foundations, national associations, government entities, and Fortune 500 leaders, we bring real impact, "cut-the-crap"​ solutions and transformative thinking to the table.

We are not McKinsey or Deloitte, but we like it that way. The future of work entails a quadruple bottom line, naked leadership, authenticity, and grit, and we can help you get there.

  • The Essence

    Answering the Why. Mission and Vision. Business Plans. Organizational Structures. Operational Systems. Succession.

  • The right culture

    Hiring the right people. Designing the right environment. Implementing "entre-ployment".

  • The story

    Communication. Marketing strategy. Branding. PR. Ghost-writing. Editing.

  • The Implementation

    Execution. Evaluation. Assessment.


Helping you leverage change in order to thrive.

From clarifying your mission, restructuring, re-designing your processes, and catching your blind spots to transforming performance and scaling growth, we are your partner in leading your enterprise to greatness.


Stories, more than anything else, have the power to move a human heart—and your customer. We help you write and tell your story with the objective of doing exactly that.

People & Culture

Are you hiring the right people and are they willingly spending countless hours advancing your mission? If not, we can help.

Ever heard of “entre-ployees”? Ask us about it.

from local to global

We live in a global, interconnected, and interdependent world. Do you have the skills to manage your business on a global scale?

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