What do emojis tell you about your life?


I use emojis a lot. Why wouldn’t I? They’re colorful, expressive, and they communicate emotion much better than words can. Of course, depending on your interpretation of an emoji, you may draw a different conclusion on the meaning — then again, you’ll do that with words anyway.

At the very least, emojis are a helpful method of communication — an addition to it, if you will.

While emojis tell others how you feel at the moment, in relation to a statement or a situation, they can also tell you a lot about your life.

Don’t believe me?

Open your messaging app and look at your most used emojis. What type are they? Happy? Sad? Laughing? Angry?

Several months ago, as I wrestled with a break up and in the months leading to it, my “most used emojis” included a lot of anger, frustration, sadness, and tears. My emojis were a reflection of my mind — my thought processes and my emotions. They were also the signposts that it was time for change.

Today, my most used emojis have changed. This ? is my most used one, and I love it!

Yes, I’ve been having a lot of fun.

If you’re wondering where your life is at and if you’re living every day as if it were your last, try looking at your emojis: they’ll tell you a lot about your mental state. This does not mean that all areas of your life are adequately depicted through your emojis, but some areas are — take a peek.

Of course, you may be the type who doesn’t use emojis often or, if you do, they’re a handful so this strategy may not apply entirely. Still, take a look and let us know.

If your emojis are a lot of this: ????????? then perhaps it is time for change.